money medicine and morality - 1

Until French revolution doctors earned as artisans but now they are on top circle of capitalist society. Now, if we look at cost of administrating the patient, it has takes quarter of each penny. Average annual income spent on health and medicine by an individual is comparatively more than expenses in other sections. Even bankers are seems to be legitimizing such administration and cost of control through insurance. Over and above new prejudice of premium health services and products are helping in boosting up health costs due to irrational planning and higher gimmicks  that people ‘want’ in hospitals.
Instead of providing old products more effectively and cheaply economic motivation are making health practitioner to move towards new and expensive ways of treating patients. This change of increasing medical costs is supported by increased coverage of insurance.

Even political systems are helping health service providers to organize pathologies into different diseases and this creates distinct categories of demands and supply which again increase costs. For instance AIDS as categorized high as compared to Malaria   and the expense on AIDS will be legitimized for more than expense on Malaria. Proportion of national wealth channeled to doctors is falling between one tenth to one twentieth while 90% of fund allocated funds are used in treatment programmes not in prevention programmes.  All countries wants hospitals and many of them want it in most exotic modern style, and from where money comes to build such hospitals cum hotels?

If we look at cost of educating doctor, it needs comparable more investment but whenever tax fund are used to finance medical student it’s a net transfer of power from majority who pay taxes for few who are selected because of their money, their schooling, their family ties or because of their special interest of being experimenting health practitioner who will decide whether you are ‘normal’ or not, how wonderful over societies are, we pay to people to exercise control over us!!!

Physicians has sole power to decide ‘needs’ of treatment and they also have great public support on who they practicing. This monopoly of doctors to identifying needs broaden the base from which doctors can sell their services. People are forced to pay more to get them all those which doctors have declared as need. Expensive medicines prescribed by doctors for minor illness can be best serving example of this.  More health damage is caused by people’s beliefs that they cannot be cope up with illness if they don’t go to doctor or don’t take medicine nominated by doctor.

Lobbying of medical and pharmaceutical associations as well as rise in union power in health sector creates obstacles in distribution of resources, resources are distributed in it  interest of health service providers not in interest of sick. Doctors are not protecting social orders but advocating consumerism, supply of health is locked, mined and marketed. Money has expanded medical control, Money may always treat health but too much and irregularly flowed can corrupt it too.

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